Astro Landscaping




“Rui has transformed our grass, which was mossy and patchy but is now lush and green. His intelligent systematic approach to what needs doing and his hard working attitude is refreshing and we trust him. My garden looks great!”

- Susana S

“My back lawn was in a terrible state after my new dog decided it was fun to run around in circles on it thereby pulling up hunks of grass by the roots in the process. It was threadbare and extremely lumpy to say the least! I decided the best bet was to put down artificial grass but it was a big decision. I met Rui whilst he was doing other work, we had a chat, he came to see it and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You really cannot tell it is artificial until you are standing on it and even then it looks good as Rui has done such a good job putting it down. Garry was honest, reliable, punctual and I can thoroughly recommend him.”

 – Liz O

“Rui has worked for my husband and I since we have been at our current house. Works carried out include cutting hedges and generally maintaining our garden. He has always worked very diligently and has been clean, reliable and punctual. He and his employees have always done an excellent job for us. He built a beautiful circular flower bed for us which certainly increases the appearance at the front of our house and is there for all to see.”

- Victor M

Samples of Our Work